The ROI of Going Green

There are many new initiatives to drive building owners to make their building more energy efficient. Building owners may want to start considering some of these options, as not only does is it helping the environment, but it could be helping your bottom line. Simple changes in lighting, or energy options can greatly effect your operating expenses, and the value of your building.

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Garrison Group Adds New Broker

Garrison Group, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of Larry Sapp as a Commercial Real Estate Broker. Larry has over 40 years in the commercial real estate industry, having previously served as the managing broker of Lincoln Land Development. Although he has been a part of many facets of commercial development and brokerage, one area of focus for Larry has been serving as the Area Director for national brands including, Wings Etc., Quiznos, and Hickory River Smokehouse. “This is an exciting time for our company.” says President David Plake “Larry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and we look forward to seeing how he can help our company continue to grow.”


Retail Footprint Changing

Retail giants continue to experiment new methods in competing in the ever-changing retail environment. The newest undertaking of large retailers is testing out new stores with various sizes in their footprint. Partially driven by fitting into crowded urban environments, and partially driven by cost saving measures, we could see a big change in the traditional anchor tenants of strip centers. To learn more about the change in store sizes, you can follow the link below. 


Big Box Retailers Testing Small Concepts

Corner Drugstores Shift Strategies

Even though it's already built around convenience, your corner drug store isn't immune to the Amazon effect. The two major retailers in that arena, CVS and Walgreen's, are shifting their strategy to keep up. From acquisitions to widened products lines for increased customer experience, these retailers are making necessary adjustments to keep up with the shifts in the retail market. To learn more about how these businesses are adapting, you can follow the link below. 

Drugstore Chains Adapting New Strategies

Connectivity Effects on Rent

We live in a connected society. Today, everything from sales, to support work, to service can be done through the internet. It's crucial for business to have a clean and clear connection to the outside world. Having strong connectivity abilities can be a huge asset to a building owner and can factor into their pricing model when determining rent rates. To learn more about how connectivity is shaping office rental pricing, you can follow the link below. 

How Connectivity can Increase Rent


Co-working space

Co-working is an interesting new use of available office space that has been getting a lot of traction the last couple of years. With a rise in remote working and increased connectivity, the trend could continue to grow. Even large national brands  are beginning to lease and use co-working space. Could creating a co-working space be the solution for your empty space? You can click below to learn more about this trend. 


Large Corporations Using Co-Working Providers


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Some Think Amazon is Helping Traditional Retail

You mostly hear doom and gloom when it comes to Amazon's relationship with traditional retail. All the negative talk could be discouranging to those looking to invest in commercial real estate with retail tenants. However, in a recent interview with CNBC, mall owner Rick Caruso has a different approach. He believes Amazon is showing traditional retailers the "path to success" with mixing digital retail with brick and mortar efforts. 

To read more on his thoughts. You can click the below. 

Amazon is Great For Retail

Managing Pests

Spring is finally here, which brings with it warm weather, but it also brings springtime pests. Regular property inspections can help you identify possible infestations or nesting occurring on your property. The sooner a pest problem is identified, the easier it is to handle. Below is a link to more information about handling springtime pests.

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Spring Pest Management Tips

Garrisons Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Glen and Lola Garrision were honored to be awarded with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Glen Garrison has been serving the Springfield community providing commercial real estate services for 48 years. He has been a part of both the Parkway Pointe and Prairie Crossing developments. To this day Glen continues to be involved in the development, management and ownership of shopping centers, freestanding restaurants, office complexes, assisted living projects and medical facilities.  He is also included in the Hall of Fame Realtor Emeritus.

Thank you Glen for your commitment to our community!